At Castletroy Golf Club we do not have a driving range but some excellent options to improve your short game. Our full size putting green adjacent to the first tee is maintained to the same excellent standard as the 18 greens on the course and offers the option to practice your long putting as well as your uphill, downhill and cross slope putts too. A popular meeting spot before golfers move to the first be sure to familiarise yourself with the speed of the greens on the practice putting green before starting off.

At the back of the Clubhouse, we have a chipping area and also two nets for hitting full shots in to. This is an excellent place to warm up prior to a round or late in the evening if you want to come up and do some short game practice on the chipping green. The grass around the chipping green is kept very similar to the course conditions and allows players to practice shots for various lengths of cut grass to four different flag positions.

Between holes 13 and 14 is our main practice area where many of our Members will be found improving their game. The area is approximately 200 yards in length but due to the very close proximity to holes 6, 7 and 13 on either side no shots longer than 100 yards are permitted for player safety. To facilitate this, we have a target green in the centre of the practice area allowing players to practice in both directions towards the green.

Also in this area is another chipping green and a three bunker practice facility where players can play a huge variety of short game shots from differing lies and slopes on to a target green.